Wilmot for the win

April 8, 2008

I think to start this blog off right there is nothing better than a little poetry from Lord John Wilmot.

All My Past Life…

All my past life is mine no more,
The flying hours are gone,
Like transitory dreams given o’er,
Whose images are kept in store
By memory alone.

What ever is to come is not,
How can it then be mine?
The present moment’s all my lot,
And that as fast as it is got,
Phyllis, is wholly thine.

Then talk not of inconstancy,
False hearts, and broken vows,
Ii, by miracle, can be,
This live-long minute true to thee,
‘Tis all that heaven allows.

Lord John Wilmot

What is Wilmot trying to say here?  The way I see it, the first stanza is how memory is lost into the ether of the collective, the second stanza is about the  future being unknown to us so basically in the last stanza we are told that the only thing to do is live in this moment.  Never think about the past, the future – live for the now.  I hope will help set the tone for my blog.


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