Are Classical Performance Arts Dead?

April 12, 2008

When I was a kid I remembered my parents taking me to the opera, ballet, and symphony – I hated it. I had to get dressed up, sit still, and if I wasn’t good I wouldn’t get a big cookie at intermission, pure torture for child. But, the entire time my partners were resolved, they knew I would appreciate it later, and I do. Now that I am older I understand how a basis in the classical performance arts helps to me to understand what else is going on in new media art.

But that is not my concern. My concern is that I always hear of operas suffering, symphonies closing, the audience is getting older, etc. These things are not good to maintain the basic function of these organizations. If parents don’t take their kids then the cycle ends and the viewership dwindles , ending the life of classic arts. I hope that parents start to take their children to these (I know I will) and realize that the kids may hate it now but will appreciate it later.


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