Cashback – good movie

April 29, 2008


I just finished watching the British film “Cashback,” and I though it was great. The writing and directing is crisp and the acting is superb. It also has a great story – follow your dreams. It sounds trite to say that, but too often we don’t listen to even the most cliche of statements and dismiss them. By dismissing these statements we are dismissing our lives. So check out the movie, enjoy its soundtrack along with the above mentioned pieces and do what you’ve always wanted.

Another thing that is great is there are so many things that happen in the movie (the freezing of time) that the writing doesn’t even address. I love this because those little things are just vehicles to the story and don’t warrant comment, they fit seamlessly into the story. For that purpose I applaud the writer and director, because they didn’t jeopardize there are like someone in marketing was probably going to ask them to do.


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