Finish “Player Piano”

May 13, 2008

So I finished Vonnegut’s “player Piano” on Sunday and really like it although I don’t think the message is the most happy and hopeful for our country. Basically man is making himself useless through his overthinking everything. In the book man wants to machine everything so much that he becomes obsolete and has no purpose. Without purpose there is no reason to live and people become crazy and kill, or just die. Both options that no one wants. Just interesting to see that without purpose, you take away the soul of a person. People don’t need material things like TVs and recliners, they need to belong, they need to feel like they have added something to this world. That is what we all strive for and it is sad to see that we strip it from ourselves on a daily basis. “Player Piano” is a warning against that, make sure that you think of the person and the humanity you steal each step in life. But maybe we won’t be like the characters in his book, I just fear that we are already in the early stages…


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