John Hodgman – So true…

June 3, 2008

Lifted from Nymag’s Culture Vulture…this is a recent quote about books from John Hodgman (author of “The Areas of My Expertise“) while speaking at BEA:

Many a time I will be antiquing, and I’ll say, ‘What’s that old-timey curio over there? What is that, a candlestick telephone, one of those old pull-chain toilets? Oh no, it’s a book. I used to help make those things! I will buy it and use it to decorate my chain of casual family-dining restaurants.

Right on point and truly hilarious. I love Hodgman because he is quite, well spoken and his humor is subtle, not crass and loud. It is easy to listen to, but complex to fully understand which are the true elements of a good humorist. I know that he would lambaste me for over analyzing him, and in fact I hope he does.


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