Sedaris has a new Book

June 13, 2008

So when I was writing about Sedaris like two days ago, I also found out that he has a new book coming out called When You Art Engulfed in Flames, which is another nonfiction collection of stories and essays about his life. It 30k copies in the first week! Good job Sedaris. I always love to know that writers are doing well, especially ones that have such great talent like Sedaris (Grisman – I don’t give a shit). Anyway, I want to get the book, but I will post a little blurb someone else wrote about it since I haven’t read it and therefore cannot pass judgment. Well I can since I read some of his other stuff, this book is fucking awesome, buy it.

Here is the quote from the International Herald Tribune:

That basic formula for both his personal essays and his popular public-radio broadcasts has made Sedaris a best-selling author with a huge following, and his writing seems a perfect mirror of a confessional culture that revels in personal revelation – a self-dramatizing, post-Seinfeldian talk show culture in which nothing (not even a boil on one’s butt or the use of a catheter with a self-adhesive condom) is too embarrassing or too private or too trivial to recount.

How is it that you are still reading this post and not buying this book?


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