She died this was the way she died

July 3, 2008

This hauntin Emily Dickinson poem really speaks to the deeper meaning that clean, curt writing can really lend itself too. Read below and see what I mean.

She died this was the way she died
by Emily Dickinson

She died – this was the way she died.
And when her breath was done
Took up her simple wardrobe
And started for the sun.

Her little figure at the gate
The Angels must have spied,
Since I could never find her
Upon the mortal side.

The reader is left with many questions, like why is the narrator looking for the girl? What is the relationship? But the fact of the matter is that none of that matters, what matters is that the author assumes that she is dead and in heaven since she cannot find her among the living. Just by the shear fact that the narrator doesn’t assume that the girl is in hell speak volumes about the character of that person. It speaks to the sadness, desperation and lack of control we have over death and how all we can do is hope and worry our wrists.


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