I discovered this wonderful little website today that is all about the collaborative nature and the fun that comes with writing. At WriteSomething.net you just type something in and see it appear next to the random thoughts, emotions and memories that other people share on the website. I love this little website because it is brief moments into the souls of all the people we share this planet with. The anonymity of it creates the truth of self that you can rarely find when talking to a person face to face. I suggest you check it out and try to write something for yourself. There is no punishment, no judgment, of your writing, just pure free flowing thoughts and ideas. This is one of the best things about the internet.


I was thinking about a gift to give someone that you really cared about and I can think of nothing better than an entire year of good reading. 1 book a month for 12 months. It would be so much fun to choose the books, you could mix classics with new books, include books that are based on the season and then include books that you like and want your friend or family member to read and then include books that you think they would really enjoy but you haven’t read yet. It would be a wonderful present that keeps on giving and always gives you something to talk about each time you are together. Seeing this card of the boy dragging his books for the winter haul just made me think of that idea and how much fun it would be. Maybe one of my friends will give me a year of books that i can enjoy.

January Reading card

January Reading


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Tech Crunch has a piece about how amazon is planning on doing a student version of the Kindle so that university and school children will have it for class books. Not only will this cut down on the waster of paper that is generated by the millions of books produced every year (even though I saved all of my college books because I cherish them) it will also save the backs of those people that carry around those ridiculously over sized math and science books. I can still remember the sore shoulders and the painful lower back from carrying around a full backpack of books, notebooks and more. If kindle is the solution to back pain through excessive books then bring it on. I just hope that we can do it without increasing the burden of cost on these struggling students it’s already a bit too much to go to school. So amazon that is the next task you must address, how to do it for free.

Kayne Can Slam

August 22, 2008

Kayne has got some amazing slam skills. I honestly didn’t think he was that much of a lyricists until he was able to drop the compelling beats from his poetry and just tell it from the heart. Check out the video below and see what I am talking about.

Communication Distruction

August 21, 2008

Communicate or die! Today I was thinking about the dangers of holding it and by it, I mean what you need to communicate to others. So now that I have throughly communicated confusion let’s explain. So say you are looking for an apartment and you go to the place and look at with the landlord and you say “I’m interested, can I be put into consideration?” you think you are saying this “I really need this apartment because my lease is running out, I have a steady job and make lots of money and will be a great tenant.” but the landlord hears this “Ok, what’s next old man I got stuff to do.” See the problem? You aren’t communcating/selling yourself and therefore reducing the chances that you are going to get the apartment. By not being detailed and using specific information you make yourself generic, forgettable and ultimately unsuccessful. So try telling the whole story it might just help get you what you need.

Story Core is Awesome!

August 18, 2008

I just heard about this but the NPR Program Story Core is awesome! It is just a collection of real Americans reading their life stories over the air and just talking about an amazing story in their lives. Check out this one about a summer job that turned into over 50 years of marriage. These stories are really the center of the American experience and living the life of the perfect human.


Writing Custom Apron

August 14, 2008

This is an apron about reading books and the obsession with that, but it just reminded me how it used to be that when people were writing novels or printing novels that had to wear aprons like these to protect themselves from the highly staining inks. Look at how far we have come that now all your writing is done in a realtime editable format that doesn’t even require you to get the list bit dirty (and forget wearing an apron). I just find that totally shocking.

Bibliomania Apron apron

Bibliomania Apron


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So I can’t tell you how much I agree with this blog post that I was reading last week. I hate corporate cliches and corp-speak because they are not inclusive and they just work to make a class system in a corporate world that is supposed to be open for all to work with. Anyway, check out the entire list here:


Check out this little list of words that you and I are at fault for misspelling on a daily basis. Come on people let’s take some time and chek our work! (heheheheeh get it?)

Here is the complete list:

Here are some of my favorites:
1. accommodate (double double, gotta remember that)
2. calendar (damn I hate this word)
3. existence (it always feels like there should be another “s” in there…)
4. minuscule (do people even use this?)
5. recommend (1 “c”! 1 “c”! AHHH!)
6. restaurant (ugh…)
7. schedule (it’s that damn sch, always getting confused)
8. their/they’re/there (you better know the difference)
9. vacuum (two “u”s what the heck?)
10. weird (…)

The Eco Friendly Novel

August 3, 2008

Check out the latest novel environmentalist Eric Roston called The Carbon Age. The novel addresses how we, as Americans, are the meteor that is causing the destruction of the planet. There is nothing that falls from the skies, people as part of the carbon cycle have caused this world and it is up to use to fix it. Of course it is just a little ironic that the book talks about carbon issues and it is printed on the carbon of dead trees, but that is a conversation for another time…