Communication Distruction

August 21, 2008

Communicate or die! Today I was thinking about the dangers of holding it and by it, I mean what you need to communicate to others. So now that I have throughly communicated confusion let’s explain. So say you are looking for an apartment and you go to the place and look at with the landlord and you say “I’m interested, can I be put into consideration?” you think you are saying this “I really need this apartment because my lease is running out, I have a steady job and make lots of money and will be a great tenant.” but the landlord hears this “Ok, what’s next old man I got stuff to do.” See the problem? You aren’t communcating/selling yourself and therefore reducing the chances that you are going to get the apartment. By not being detailed and using specific information you make yourself generic, forgettable and ultimately unsuccessful. So try telling the whole story it might just help get you what you need.


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