Student Kindle may save kids’ backs

August 25, 2008

Tech Crunch has a piece about how amazon is planning on doing a student version of the Kindle so that university and school children will have it for class books. Not only will this cut down on the waster of paper that is generated by the millions of books produced every year (even though I saved all of my college books because I cherish them) it will also save the backs of those people that carry around those ridiculously over sized math and science books. I can still remember the sore shoulders and the painful lower back from carrying around a full backpack of books, notebooks and more. If kindle is the solution to back pain through excessive books then bring it on. I just hope that we can do it without increasing the burden of cost on these struggling students it’s already a bit too much to go to school. So amazon that is the next task you must address, how to do it for free.


One Response to “Student Kindle may save kids’ backs”

  1. Justin said

    Given the discounted rates Amazon has for Kindle books (and the ridiculousness of the current costs of college textbooks), I’d say the first semester savings on the books would (at least come close to) cover the cost of the Kindle itself.

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