Hemingway’s 6 Word Story…

September 26, 2008

This has to be one of the most powerful stories ever:

For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn

so much is send in such a short statement…wow, just wow.



September 24, 2008

Be the wolf.

Check out this image below, not only is it hilarious, but it also is sad at the same time. It points out the truth about formula writing, that the names and places are interchangeable so much so that you can create completely different stories that also happen to gross tons of money. It is sad that people choose not to be challenged with new styles of art and instead full into dull drums of routine and simplicity. Come on people, wake up!

This is a poem that was introduced to me in High School and has to be one of my favorite poems. It is simple, practical, and deep all at once. Read it with a glass of wine.

Advice to My Son by J. Peter Meinke

The trick is, to live your days
as if each one may be your last
(for they go fast, and young men lose their lives
in strange and unimaginable ways)
but at the same time, plan long range
(for they go slow; if you survive
the shattered windshield and the bursting shell
you will arrive
at our approximation here below
of heaven or hell).

To be specific, between the peony and the rose
plant squash and spinach, turnips and tomatoes;
beauty is nectar
and nectar, in a desert, saves–
but the stomach craves stronger sustaenance
than the honied vine.
Therefore, marry a pretty girl
after seeing her mother;
Show your soul to one man,
work with another;
and always serve bread with your wine.
But son, always serve wine.

Business Card Bookmarks

September 15, 2008

Since the business card is really becoming a dying, trend what are we going to do with all those dye cut little pieces of paper? Well I like what this guy is thinking, turn them into bookmarks! I really like this idea because you can have a bookmark with little qoutes on it and it smaller than a normal bookmark. Check it out:

Cute Brown Bear Reading Read Learn Grow Bookmark profilecard

Cute Brown Bear Reading Read Learn Grow Bookmark


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This I Believe

September 12, 2008

The essays that NPR has compile for “This I Believe” are amazing and should be archived forever in the Library of Congress along with other great works of American art. They cut through the crap and into the heart of the struggles, joys and daily life of what it really is to be an American here and now. When historians are reading about us 10 million years from now these stories are what is really going help them understand what and how we interacted with the world called Earth. Anyway, I think everyone should read one of these story/essays to understand what I am talking about. Try this one that is written about the power of being there especially in a time like after Hurricane Katrina.


Racism in the Schools

September 9, 2008

The US isn’t the only country that is suffering from institutional racism in schools, apparently the Caribbean is not free of it either according to the Guardian. To me this is just sickening because education is where the higher learners are, where the people with the most though and understanding in the world go. I mean what the heck people? Education is the backbone of understanding, without a solid education that teaches tolerance this world will fall into disrepair and intolerance that will destroy us all.

Without choosing sides, this is an interesting article that the NYT published about the war of words that each candidate wages on the opposition. What is also amazing, is that even though Obama claims the title of “Change” candidate, McCain is saying just as much as Obama is. Check out the complete chart below and the entire article here.

This is just more rhetoric and it is cool that people are seeing that. People need to realize that there is a reason for the words that everyone choose and there is no coincidence that these words are repeated often. I think the more aware people are of this, the better and more clear-headed decisions a voter is able to make

apple slogan

Inc.com has a cool article about some of the best written tag lines that companies have come up with. What is amazing to me about this, is that in our world of TVs, movies, banner ads and more visual stimulus than you can shake a stick out, that the power of the written tag line still remains dominate. People crave the tag line because they want something simple and identifiable so that they can quickly understand what you are about and your corporate policies. The tag line does more to define your company than any logo or elevator pitch an exec could give. It defines the tone, speed and success at which you can execute a plan. I know that seems like a lot to place on a tag line, but hey you need to think about those things before you write them so maybe when writing a tag line spend some extra time or get some professional help. Because once someone reads your bad tag there is no going back to a time before they read it.