Top 10 Slogans of American Companies

September 3, 2008

apple slogan has a cool article about some of the best written tag lines that companies have come up with. What is amazing to me about this, is that in our world of TVs, movies, banner ads and more visual stimulus than you can shake a stick out, that the power of the written tag line still remains dominate. People crave the tag line because they want something simple and identifiable so that they can quickly understand what you are about and your corporate policies. The tag line does more to define your company than any logo or elevator pitch an exec could give. It defines the tone, speed and success at which you can execute a plan. I know that seems like a lot to place on a tag line, but hey you need to think about those things before you write them so maybe when writing a tag line spend some extra time or get some professional help. Because once someone reads your bad tag there is no going back to a time before they read it.


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