Writing A Great Character

November 5, 2008

For a science fiction author, having strong characters helps to center a story that doesn’t have a lot of reality to go on. When the reader is feeling a bit lost in the world that is mostly fantasy, you need to have strong and interesting characters to make sure that a reader stays grounded and that they are understood. That is why I love this article (http://io9.com/5065556/secrets-of-great-characters-according-to-6-science-fiction-authors) that has some great writing tips on creating compelling characters. My favorite tip is below:

Figure out what they love, and what they fear. Try to find what drives your characters, including what they want and need, Bear urges. And understand what traumatizes them. “I tell people I like to know what they’d want on their tombstone: that seems to give me a really good handle on who they are.”


One Response to “Writing A Great Character”

  1. Chris said

    Good advice–for all genres!

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