Obama’s Speech

November 8, 2008

For a man that gave so many inspirational words to millions of people on the campaign trail it seems like it would be hard to top that with his acceptance speech, and Mr. Obama didn’t. Instead of trying to give a speech more like his “Yes We Can,” speech he instead gave a speech more fitting of his new office. His speech was more about unity, bringing the country together behind his presidency under an even tempered measure of politics and law making. That is what was so impressive about what Obama said, he refused to continue to define himself by what others say about him, but instead took on the burden of his new role and became the even tempered president that this country so desperately needs. See below for the two speeches to see what I mean. The yes we can speech is passionate and about change, the acceptance speech is even, tempered and about unity.

Yes We Can

Acceptance Speech

There is just such growth between these two speeches shows the strength that good writing can bring to any orator and his pulpit.


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