Winter Reflection

January 13, 2009

It seems that we are fully in winter now. Snow dusts the ground in many parts of our country and one can not leave the house without some type of jacket all most everywhere else. I love winter because it is not a time of outdoor activity, but instead a time of inner reflection. The peace and calm that the weather brings to our active bodies allows our minds to explore the inner recesses of our memories and knowledge and make new and interesting connections. I think that more people should use winter as a time of introspection and discover more about who and what we are and how we interact with this planet. Once we’ve done that, spring comes around and initiates our rebirth and new life interacting with others and the planet. I know that it is not reasonable to ask people to spend months thinking about themselves and the universe since I cannot even do it. But if we all just spend one rainy or snowy day sitting and home alone and think/reflect on our lives I am sure that we will only build a strong and more personally connected society.


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