Left Hand of Darkness – Gotta Read it

January 24, 2009

I just finished reading a short review of the book, Left Hand of Darkness and I gotta say this is something that I for sure want to pick up. See below for an excerpt from the review:

by Ursula Le Guin (Ace Books)
Another tale of winter on an alien world, LeGuin’s late-1960s classic is about first contact between a representative of the advanced Ekumen cultures, and the people of the genderless planet Gethen. Our hero winds up trapped in a conflict between two cold warring groups of Gethenians, and must make a long, arduous escape through a frozen winter landscape with one companion – a Gethenian, whose alienness becomes more and more obvious the closer the two become.

It has everything I love in a sci-fi novel. Humanity knowledge is tested and we use aliens as an allegory to describe the greater human condition. That is what I love about science fiction, it allows us to step out of our shoes but in reality it is speaking to what we as people do in the world. I know that this book is worth getting sometime soon.


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