I think it is very interesting that ghost writing still exists and is now taking on a new form that it has never had before. Thanks to the 24/7 blitz of information that is the internet, celebrities, sports stars and more are having a hard time keeping up and keeping fans happy. Insert ghost writers that are taking on the personas of these famous and rich people and maintaining anything from blogs to twitter accounts. It brings up an interesting question though, as we move more into the personal realm with these invasive technologies how will the ghost writers know to keep it real and honest and not get found out by some ultra intelligent fan? It’s not like the old days when the actual celebrity would review before publishing, the ghost writer now has to just guess. I think we are going to see lots of ghost writers that shape the personality and sub-text of a celebrity’s image more than the celebrity does…


Jake DeSantis is a Prick

March 27, 2009

Usually I try to avoid talking about politics and news topics but some things just upset me beyond all things. This is one of those things. Ex-VP Jake DeSantis sent a letter to AIG CEO submitting his resignation and submitting his indignation about all the money he is not going to be getting this year. Seriously sir? I mean that is just ridiculous there are people out there that don’t have homes, jobs or any money. People were getting fired and suffering and this person has the gall to complain about his lack of retention pay. He is one of the people that needs to be in jail so that this country can have some closure on the criminal acts of it’s people and begin to heal from this terrible state of affairs.

Be Tandy

March 24, 2009

I am reading Winesburg, Ohio right now and I just read this passage in the story “Tandy,” see below it is so beautiful.

The stranger became silent and seemed overcome with sadness, but another blast from the whistle of the passenger engine aroused him. “I have not lost faith. I proclaim that. I have only been brought to the place where I know my faith will not be realized,” he declared hoarsely. He looked hard at the child and began to address her, paying no more attention to the father. “There is a woman coming,” he said, and his voice was now sharp and earnest. “I have missed her, you see. She did not come in my time. You may be the woman. It would be like fate to let me stand in her presence once, on such an evening as this, when I have destroyed myself with drink and she is as yet only a child.”

The shoulders of the stranger shook violently, and when he tried to roll a cigarette the paper fell from his trembling fingers. He grew angry and scolded. “They think it’s easy to be a woman, to be loved, but I know better,” he declared. Again he turned to the child. “I understand,” he cried. “Perhaps of all men I alone understand.”

His glance again wandered away to the darkened street. “I know about her, although she has never crossed my path,” he said softly. “I know about her struggles and her defeats. It is because of her defeats that she is to me the lovely one. Out of her defeats has been born a new quality in woman. I have a name for it. I call it Tandy. I made up the name when I was a true dreamer and before my body became vile. It is the quality of being strong to be loved. It is something men need from women and that they do not get.”

The stranger arose and stood before Tom Hard. His body rocked back and forth and he seemed about to fall, but instead he dropped to his knees on the sidewalk and raised the hands of the little girl to his drunken lips. He kissed them ecstatically. “Be Tandy, little one,” he pleaded. “Dare to be strong and courageous. That is the road. Venture anything. Be brave enough to dare to be loved. Be something more than man or woman. Be Tandy.”

It has airs of the quote that Ponyboy was told in the the Outsiders. This passage is so depressing in the fact that no one can stay pure forever and so yet the writing is so beautiful and expresses perfectly the the attempt of humans to preserve that beauty and purity in the soul of those not yet destroyed. He wants a Tandy, someone that is strong and follows their dreams, he wants to be the catcher in the rye to save these children from the crushing defeat of growing up and losing their dreams/compromising – but he knows he can’t and that is what destroys his soul. Very powerful stuff indeed.

Apache Poem Mug

March 20, 2009

I love products that do more than just serve their primary purpose. Take this mug for example, its primary purpose is to hold hot liquids well. It of course does that, but while doing that it also enlightens and expands the minds of those that hold it and those that see it because of the Apache poem on the side of the mug. The poem reads:

There is one God
looking down on us all.
We are all the children of
one god. The sun,
the darkness, the winds
are all listening to what
we have to say


Profound words. It basically means that we must all be accountable to our actions despite the claims of different religions and different Gods. It is just as important to understand that as it is to get your hot coffee. That is an important message that this mug sends to all around it.

Apache Wisdom mug
Apache Wisdom by ZiaSun
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Four Line Long Poem

March 17, 2009

I love the idea of new poetry and using less is more. This little youtube video fits perfectly into that realm. This is the four line long poem. They are poems that you must construct using the boggle game. This limits your words and thoughts to make beautiful and concise pieces of poetry that are unique to the youtube generation. See below for this new fascinating poetry.

It is interesting to see Newspapers like the Guardian in the UK or the NY Times in the US are opening their articles and deep databases for APIs so that smart programmers can retool their content and share it around the world. I think this is a smart way for newspapers to go because their model is dying and by allowing people to re purpose their content it brings them back to relevancy and into the collective consciousness of all those that are on the web. I am sad that the old model of newspapers is dying because I really do love reading the papers in the morning when I have time. But I am really more excited to see what new and interesting model is invented from the deep content of newspapers and the power of the collective creativity of the internet. These are the moments in technology and information that are exciting to watch.

I love found writing. It is the idea that people recorded private message to be shared with a few people or no people at all and years later they are discovered and shared with the public. This one article on CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/03/10/lincoln.watch/index.html) has a great story about the found writing that a watchmaker left inside Lincolns watch the day that the Civil War started. The message read:

Jonathan Dillon, April 13-1861, Fort Sumpter [sic] was attacked by the rebels on the above date J Dillon, April 13-1861, Washington, thank God we have a government, Jonth Dillon.

The watchmaker’s name was Jonathan Dillon. Anyway, this got me thinking that we should all invest in creating a little found writing in our lives. Take something that you know you will pass on, photos, art, an antique lamp and record your thoughts and sentiments of the time. You may not think that what you have to say is that interesting, but 100s of years from now, your children’s children will have a secret view into your life that no one else can give them and that is a precious gift that you can only give with the gift of found writing.

A Writing Lesson

March 7, 2009

I remember an old exercise that was always fun to do in writing class. Look at the above picture once and create a scene that is just about to happen or just happened and reflect. There is so much that can we done with that picture, it’s at the Grand Canyon, there is a man in it, it’s at sunset – that is enough for an amazing story. So what is your story going to be? Try posting a story in the comments to see what others have to say about it. It’s a nice little Saturday afternoon exercise!

Today was the day that Hemingway finished his classic novella “Old Man and the Sea.” Let’s just take that in for a moment. One of the greatest written works by one of the greatest American Authors was finished on this day so many years ago. Pretty amazing when you think about him working away on the typewriter and revising and revisiting passages and pages and then rewriting. Today we just hit the delete key and we don’t have to worry about the pages until we finally hit the print button. Think of how many more novels Hemingway could have penned if it were as easy to write as it is today. Or maybe that is a bad thing, maybe the process and revisions are part of what make the work so great. Well whatever it is, the computer age is here to stay and I doubt that anyone will be breaking out their typewriters anytime soon. So at the very least we can honor Hemingway by getting one of these commemorative mousepads so that when we are typing away at our great written masterpieces we can be reminded by the power and awe that Hemingway was able to create with a few well placed words.

Ernest Hemingway Portrait Mousepad mousepad
Ernest Hemingway Portrait Mousepad by strk3
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So this Kindle thing is getting lots of press and maybe that is good but I have to wonder about it. First off, I am not a big fan of this device because I really like the feel of my real books. I like to write in my books and i like to crack the binding and smell the paper. I can’t have that with the kindle. Also, I kind of treat my books like crap and I think if I had a book that was worth $350 I would be afraid to carry it around at all. But this is all beside the point, I am not really the target audience for the Kindle, it is more for business and tech savy people. But this device does bring up an interesting point; is the Kindle good for reading? Sadly, I think it is. Anything that allows people greater access to a large library of novels and newspapers gives them a good chance of actually using it. That may mean that someone is going to read one more book a year, but that is more one book they read that year! In an age where media, movies and music seem to overpower the senses it is good that someone is still out there trying to push reading to those that need to read the most. I’ve always believe that the greater the knowledge of the people the greater the society as a whole and if the Kindle is a tool to help people reach that lofty goal then it is something we should all support. Now I am not saying go out there and buy one, I am just saying don’t scoff if someone on the next train home has one.