Kindle Good for Reading?

March 2, 2009

So this Kindle thing is getting lots of press and maybe that is good but I have to wonder about it. First off, I am not a big fan of this device because I really like the feel of my real books. I like to write in my books and i like to crack the binding and smell the paper. I can’t have that with the kindle. Also, I kind of treat my books like crap and I think if I had a book that was worth $350 I would be afraid to carry it around at all. But this is all beside the point, I am not really the target audience for the Kindle, it is more for business and tech savy people. But this device does bring up an interesting point; is the Kindle good for reading? Sadly, I think it is. Anything that allows people greater access to a large library of novels and newspapers gives them a good chance of actually using it. That may mean that someone is going to read one more book a year, but that is more one book they read that year! In an age where media, movies and music seem to overpower the senses it is good that someone is still out there trying to push reading to those that need to read the most. I’ve always believe that the greater the knowledge of the people the greater the society as a whole and if the Kindle is a tool to help people reach that lofty goal then it is something we should all support. Now I am not saying go out there and buy one, I am just saying don’t scoff if someone on the next train home has one.


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