Apache Poem Mug

March 20, 2009

I love products that do more than just serve their primary purpose. Take this mug for example, its primary purpose is to hold hot liquids well. It of course does that, but while doing that it also enlightens and expands the minds of those that hold it and those that see it because of the Apache poem on the side of the mug. The poem reads:

There is one God
looking down on us all.
We are all the children of
one god. The sun,
the darkness, the winds
are all listening to what
we have to say


Profound words. It basically means that we must all be accountable to our actions despite the claims of different religions and different Gods. It is just as important to understand that as it is to get your hot coffee. That is an important message that this mug sends to all around it.

Apache Wisdom mug
Apache Wisdom by ZiaSun
Make a custom travel mug With Zazzle.com
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