Meditation on Mortality

June 11, 2009

A friend told me today about how he watched a man jump from a 10 story building to his death late one night. He jumped and it was very quite, like all of creation had stopped to watch this man fall and then suddenly a car was sunken in and there was glass everywhere. He was shocked and saddened by it.

It got me thinking about death though because I am not sure I want to die. I always enjoy experiencing new things but I can’t help but think that death is not something new, it is instead nothing. It is the complete absence of existence and therefore it is the absence of your feeling for life. It scares me beyond belief to think that soon I will spend eternity being nothing in nothingness. I don’t want that at all, I want to survive and feel forever not trapped in a void that I don’t even know exists. It is a painful thought to say the least and as I write it now I begin to cry and get cold chills. Death is not something I will ever be ready for.


One Response to “Meditation on Mortality”

  1. Chloe1732 said

    I think when you die, the energy and matter that is you doesn’t disappear- instead it just goes back into the Universe from which it came. And whatever good you do in the world and positive energy and things you create have a lasting effect on people and things in ways you can’t ever imagine. So if you live your life to the fullest in a positive way, you’ll never really be gone.

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