Dan Fante’s New Book 86

September 30, 2009

Dan Fante has to be one of the more interesting writers that has come out of modern writing. His style of writing is sparse and full of knowledge of a demonic past as Mr. Fante has had himself. I listened to his interview today on NPR and really enjoyed the excerpt from his novel. See below to hear what I heard.



All too often I know the problem of writer’s block. You stare at the page and just can’t think of anything worth writing down. It is a terrible feeling and one that can cripple a writing career for even the most prolific authors. That is why I always look for amusing little knick knacks for writer’s block to help remind me that it will pass and soon I will write again. This postcard is a perfect example of that.

Writers Block Excuses postcard
Writers Block Excuses by Writersfort
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I think that Netflix is an amazing invention. I mean it allows you to watch movies as long as you want and not worry about getting it watched at some time. So I am wondering if libraries could be place that could adopt some of that Netflix technology and bring some of the web into reading. I think people want the books sent to them at home and don’t want to worry about when to return it. Would someone pay a subscription for that service? I think so. I think we could also make it a lot cheaper than a movie subscription because the rights are much cheaper. So maybe someone has the money to start this really cool little business 😉

I just had the opportunity to see the movie “Finding Forrester” which is the story of a JD Salinger like writer tutoring the skill of a young writing star from the wrong side of the tracks. It is a very good movie from Gus Van Sant and a great story that got the writing juices in me going a bit. I had forgotten how much I loved to write a story and I worry because I think that I am losing that skill since I don’t write a story every day. It is a sad state my life is in when the arts go to make time for the money.

Google Book Access

September 18, 2009

So anyone out there have an opinion about the taking of book from the real world into the digital by Google? I am a little bothered by the idea that a private company is controlling the information instead of a public institution that doesn’t have a profit motive. I think that at some point Google is going to try to make money from this and that is when we will be under pressure as a consumer/citizen that wants access to these free works but can no longer get it.

The New Dan Brown Novel

September 14, 2009

So every time a book comes out from the novelist Dan Brown I have to ask myself, “Is stuff like this good for reading?” On the one hand it provides easy access to book for all those people in the world that refuse to read. On the other hand it dumbs down fiction to the level of choose your own adventure (I defy you to find deeper meaning in his work). I guess I look at books like this as a gateway drug. If they do their purpose and get young people hooked on reading so that they start to read deeper and more intellectual fiction than I guess it is a good thing to get someone started on the right path.

The History of Art Poster

September 9, 2009

It is an amazing thing – art. Art throughout time has taken many forms, from this ancient statue to graffti and yet it is all still art. I love this poster below because it combines the past with the present in a beautiful symphony of color that can only be described as pleasing and upsetting all at once. Such a great pieces of…art.

A Writers History print
A Writers History by Puzoichi
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It is terrible when politics has started to enter the schools. Schools are a bastion of learning, reading and understanding – not a place for political bantering and name-calling. I listened to Obama’s speech and it was not partisan, or democratic centric. His speech was about the fundamentals of life and school those things we all need to do to succeed. Why can’t this man give one bit of advice without everyone jumping all over him? I don’t care if you agree with the politics of Obama or not, the message and ideas in the speech were sound principles that we must all live by.

Rest Well Mr. Dunne

September 4, 2009

Celebrated author and columnist Dominick Dunne has finally passed from a long battle with bladder cancer. He was most famous for a series of crime thriller novels that included The Winners(A favorite of mine). I know that he will be missed by all and I am sorry for his families loss. Rest Well Mr. Dunne, you’ve earned it.