Why We Shouldn’t Analyze Mona Lisa’s Smile

October 24, 2009

For decades, scientists and art critics alike have spent time try to figure out what it is about Mona Lisa’s smile that can look all together happy and sad all at once. Everyone has a different theory all with a bit of truth in them. But the real truth is that we shouldn’t be spending out time analyzing her smile and breaking it down into cold science. The Mona Lisa painting is meant to be felt not analyzed. Good art is supposed to create a emotional reaction and great art makes you unsure of what your emotional reaction is. That is what is so perfect about the Mona Lisa, it is able to create a wealth of different and sometimes opposing emotions in the viewer. So I say we put down the micrometers and optical bar graphs and just look at the painting. Let the reality of art wash over you without the art killing science destroy your emotions.


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