Just to close talking about “A River Runs Through It,” I wanted to compare it to the novel “A Separate Peace.” I think that Finny is the perfect character that is just like Paul. They are too perfect to exist in a world that is destructive and imperfect like this one. Paul couldn’t handle the vices of the world and Finny couldn’t handle the horror of the world, and both ended up being destroyed by it. Just an interesting thought for a literary comparison. Also I found this fly fishing card and just thought the drawing was so beautiful that I had to include it in the post. So to close out the week here is a great artistic rendering for “A River Runs Through It.”

Flyfishers Choice profilecard

Flyfishers Choice


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So I just finished reading the Norman Maclean story “A River Runs Through It,” and I gotta say it was pretty awe inspiring. Maclean uses fly fishing to help the reader understand his and her place in the world and how that world is something greater, bigger and impossible to control. This is typified by the lead character’s brother Paul. Paul is an amazing fly fisherman and an out-of-control gambler, and despite the beauty he brings into the world, his life is destroyed by his poor gambling habits which get him killed. The narrator and the narrator’s father try to save Paul but to no avail since, as they say, the people that need the most help are the ones that it is impossible to help. Anyway, it just goes to show us the control we think we have on the world and how it is actually not so. Instead we must embrace that beauty we see, if not for a moment to try and be one with that moment because it is fleeting and will not last forever.