So as I had said before I just finished this Graham Greene novel and now that i have some time to reflect on it I thought I would share my thoughts with everyone. So, first off this was the first of Greene’s books I’ve read and I loved it. The prose were not heavy and they conveyed the sense of Vietnam on the verge of war perfectly. But that is not the main point of the novel. Throughout the book the protagonist, Fowler, constantly states how he is not involved and that he is neutral at the same time as he falls deeper into actually becoming involved. Involved with the war in his fight and hate for Pyle and involved with Phuong – his lover in the country. I think what Greene is trying to say here is that we, as people, are not capable of being these creatures that judge on the sideline without emotion or judgment – that we are all involved simply by being in the situation. Greene goes on to further say it is impossible to not make a choice in a situation, you may fight against it but you will always choose something. I think this is a very strong point to make about society and how we interact. So the next time someone says they aren’t involved you’ll know that they have already made a decision and just abstain to keep from hurting your feelings.


I just finished reading Graham Greene’s masterpiece The Quiet American and while I digest it I thought I would share a Vietnam t-shirt that I found while searching for more information on Greene that I thought sat quite well with the story and I think that Greene himself would get a small chuckle out of. See below to understand what I mean. Oh and if you haven’t read the book Phuong is the name of the main love interest of two different men. It is by no means that main point behind the book but it does help drive the plot.

I love Phuong heart T-Shirt shirt
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What Book Next?

August 25, 2009

I am about to start a new book and I am trying to decide between Snow Crash and Stranger in a Strange Land. Both are considered amazing Sci-Fi novels that defined the genre and both are a good heafty train book (one that is long and durable so that I can enjoy for awhile). But in this case I am thinking I will go with Strange since it does have “The Best Science Fiction Novel Ever Written,” printed on the cover. In this case I am judging a book by its cover.

The Green Umbrella

August 21, 2009

I remember in one of my early writing classes in college we had the professor bring in a green umbrella and tell us to write something about it. We didn’t have to describe it, we could just write a story with a green umbrella. It was a very interesting writing prompt. So here is my prompt to you loyal readers. Post in the comments what you would write about the green umbrella.

Sport Poems

August 19, 2009

In honor of all the recent sports news and the start of a new football season here are some football/soccer poems

Nice Sunday Poetry

August 16, 2009

A little bit of youtube poetry for this Sunday afternoon for you to enjoy.

Long live satire! That is what I say too. Mark Twain was one of the best satirists in the world and I think it is a tradition that we should embrace, not ignore. That is why I had to buy this shirt in my support of satire and all that it does not have to offer to the world.

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Man I love this scene…..

what a great movie.

Budd Was a Contender

August 7, 2009

The famous screen writer of “On The Waterfront,” Budd Schulberg, passed away this week. This man was one of the classic American screenwriters and a pillar to the tradition of good writing. His movies are a model of what good scripts are and how they can say something deeper than what is just on the page. I really love the work that Budd brought to the world and he will be a person that is sorely missed. I hope that for generations to come his work is able to live on…

Frank McCourt on Writing

August 4, 2009

Just a little video to remind everyone of this great writer that we lost so many weeks ago. What an amazing voice that is now silent in the world. May his words live on.